About MOCC

For two years from April 2011 to March 2013, as part of the “Medical Informatization Promotion Project ” (seamless regional collaborative medicine, MY hospital everywhere concept) of the IT Strategic Headquarters of the Cabinet Office, we have conducted “Children Cancer Long-term Care Business” under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s demonstration project “FY 2010 Medical Informatization Promotion Project” and “FY 2011 Regional Healthcare Development Promotion Project for Tohoku Restoration”.

This project utilizes ICT to improve the QOL of patients and families through the followings.

To continue these activities even after the demonstration project, we established Magokoro Organization for Childhood Cancer led by our Chairman Teijiro Furukawa.

After the establishment, we have provided support for the long-term follow-up of childhood cancer at the National Center for Child Health and Development, which is the core hospital central organization. In addition, we have also conducted activities to support the establishment of a childhood cancer long-term follow-up system, in collaboration with the The Japanese Society of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology (JSPHO), Japan Children’s Cancer Group (JCCG), and Children’s Cancer Association of Japan (CCAJ).

Currently, in order to realize a lasting social structure where childhood cancer patients, childhood cancer survivors and their families in Japan and developing countries can

We provide wide support both domestically and overseas through promoting a life-long and long-term follow-up that covers diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment of childhood cancer.

In order to promote the above, we provide support for the smooth collaboration and functioning among organizations related to childhood cancer, such as administration, medical professionals, academic societies, research groups, patient groups, etc.